What’s going on with my circuits?

So you’re thinking of watching the Ceremony of Original Innocence (Template Ceremony 1) or maybe you already have.  So what’s it all about, what’s it going to do, what can I expect?

What’s it all about?  Well this particular ceremony is about facing the one in the mirror – that’s you.   It’s about  synthesizing the light and the shadow within you, to move beyond judgement and denial and to be sovereign.  This ceremony was originally five separate ceremonies, each representing one of the 5 elements, which was then woven into one.  The circuits are explained in the booklet you can download HERE.


What’s it going to do?  This ceremony will reconnect 12 major circuits of electromagnetic energy in your body, enabling you to utilize a wider spectrum of Source frequency and instigate a deprogramming process from this interesting matrix we find ourselves in which is full of disempowering programs.  It will tune you into the programming within yourself that has resulted in co-dependent and conditional relationships, bringing you out of denial and accelerate your path towards co-creative unconditional love and assist in establishing a new frequency for a new paradigm.


What can I expect?  This process is very individual but there are some general personal results that I saw in most everyone which I’ll list below.  Just know that some of you might go on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride after this and others will experience it more as a gradual awakening.  How you process your stuff is up to you.  Getting your circuits connected will basically enhance anything you do.  I found as an energy healer I was stronger, clearer and could take people deeper.  It will enable you to get more out of other workshop/processes as you will be able to go deeper faster and hold on to the results which often fade away within a few weeks or months after the workshop if over.

General Results:

Deeper sense of groundedness and connection to nature.  The Earth circuit does this by connecting you more deeply into the pulse of our planet.

Unfolding levels of denial – good luck sweeping that junk under the rug, it will come flying back!

Change in addictive patterns – this ceremony is an alchemical code that invokes new patterns of response within the brain chemistry creating new patterns and letting go of the old as long as you are willing.

Return of Personal Power – as the programs begin to release you can more easily express the amazing being that you are.

Change in relationships – all types of relationships.  This can be a big one for some.  I’ve seen estranged family members reunite and I’ve had people walk out of my workshop and end their current relationship on the spot!  Basically if you have a relationship where the balance of power is way out of whack it will rebalance or end.

Significant reduction in anxiety & fear response.  For some, when the veils begins to drop it might actually intensify but it will then subside when you realize your part in this play.

Expansion of awareness – my favorite.  You can significantly expand your awareness by going through this seemingly simple ceremony as it accelerates the frequency input of Source Intelligence into your body to vibrate at a higher frequency, expanding awareness.

Here is a testimonial for the DVD from the main Template website:  http://thetemplateorg.com/testimonials.html

Wow!! Transformed – and oddly surprised – even though you had explained what I might expect. I completed the first ceremony on the Original Innocence DVD last night. And apart from the phenomenal feeling of calm and almost hypnotic state of total meditation that I had during and directly after the ceremony the feeling I have a day later is really incredible. I woke up early with an abundance of energy- so much so that I almost felt like laughing. I also had a pretty heavy conversation with my partner before I left for Uni and somehow I just knew what to say. I was so calm and I felt no anxiety or fear or desperation and I didn’t react negatively to anything she said that probably would have penetrated me personally before. I also just feel like I see everything so clearly!! I was talking to a friend and after a few minutes she was yelling at me about something that was nothing to do with what we had been speaking about – it was like my eyes were wide open and I could see and understand exactly what was happening without actually analyzing it as I usually would. Which is another thing, I am no longer questioning anything, or feel I need to over analyze. And I am not taking other people’s emotions personally. I am no longer feeling affected by other people’s negativity – or I don’t adopt their emotions as my own. It’s so nice to feel so sure and calm and not feel exhausted from over-thinking. I feel like I already have the answer somewhere, somehow, and can be present but not feel affected by things I can’t control, such as how people react to things and how they express their emotions. It’s so interesting though because instead of being upset by how people behave, I am sort of shocked and taken aback. Instead of being busy feeling their negativity and then reacting negatively myself, I can now just act as an observer to their expression so I’ve notice things more and can gauge a situation better. It has prevented me from over reacting or mirroring their attitude. And somehow I just feel like I know what to do or how to judge the situation.  

I noticed today that I am absorbing information more and my energy is spectacularly still high but being distributed in effective ways. My mind somehow knows to use the energy towards concentration, information recall, and encoding new information to create forethought that has helped with motivation and idea generation today!! Those are the most obvious effects that I feel because they have encouraged the biggest changes in many mechanisms I have had in place for most of my adulthood. But we shall see what else comes from such a unique experience! I owe you a huge thank you.  

– GZ