Tetrahedron – Pyra Sphere

We’re starting out here with the Tetrahedron which is one of the 5 platonic solids.  The Tetrahedron is a 3 dimensional, four sided, equilateral triangle.  It’s element is fire and can be used in several ways, including meditation.  Now one thing to remember about fire is that when fire is in balance it is life/force giving but out of balance fire consumes, as in destruction.  So be careful when you play with fire that you don’t get burned.  You will know that you are getting burned when you play a lot with a tetrahedron and things in your life start falling apart.   You can rise from the ashes like the phoenix but it’s not always necessary to burn everything to the ground to make changes.


tetTo the right is a picture of a tetrahedron that includes both male energy (the platonic solid) & female energy (the archimedean solid) so it is balanced.  I prefer to work with balanced pieces but if you are looking for something that is specifically male or female energy then the outer triangle/pyramid shape is male energy and the inner truncated shape is female energy – see the diagram below.  In the Template Ceremonies the tetrahedron was renamed a pyra sphere after its fire quality which sounds much nicer in ceremony than tetrahedron.


How to use the tetrahedron:  If you are trying to fire up a situation, for example a project, you could write the project name on a piece of paper and put it under a tetrahedron or imagine it placed inside a tetrahedron and energize it.

You could also have a tetrahedron on your desk to feel fired up for work or under your partner’s pillow to add some fire in the bedroom.  Another use is to meditate with the tetrahedron, you can use it to burn away old emotions or ties to events or to fire up/create whatever you cab imagine.  The tetrahedron can also be used in feng shui to add the fire element to a room or corner.

I have created a Fire meditation video with spinning geometry, music and a sacred affirmation for fire that you can use to heat things up HERE.  You can also make your own tetrahedron with Q-tips and some glue or paper.  it doesn’t matter what it is made out of.   You can used colored paper, glitter and decorate it any way you like.  Making your own is the best way to really get into the tetrahedral fire.

Click and print on the diagram to make your own: