Ceremony aftermath, how to ease integration

The integration of the Template Ceremonies can be really intense for some and organically smooth for others.  It’s a VERY individual process and the level of intensity varies from person to person and can also come in waves.  Don’t think because you’ve done a lot over many years, even decades, that it will be easy.  If anything, I’ve noticed the more “spiritual work” people have done the more intense the response.  Not always, but usually.

These ceremonies are transforming and are about shifting reality.  Transformation means to change form so how you have structured your reality will start to change.  I imagine that this is what you are looking for, so be open, explore new ways to restructure it and how you engage with reality. Let go and ride the wave.

If you are having a rough time after the ceremonies, below are some recommendations.

  1. If you’ve attended ceremony 3 then the best thing you can do is sit for a few minutes and practice the Breath of Immortality that you learned on a regular basis.  Actively practicing the breath, even for just a few minutes, will bring coherence to the circuitry and ease the process.
  2. Watch the Phi Sonic Resonance meditation on the Sound of Time dvd pack.  This dvd was designed to support participants who have done ceremonies 1-6 by putting them back into the frequency of the 6th ceremony to ease and deepen the integration of circuitry.  We later found out that the meditation can temporarily reconnect those circuits for people who have not gone through the ceremonies so the dvd is helpful for everyone.  The reconnection can last a few hours to a few days or more.  Buy it in our shop here.
  3. Practice the Sacred Day Ceremony.  This is a simple ceremony you can do on a daily basis that puts you back into the frequency of the ceremonies.  Access here.
  4. Body work.  Massage, yoga, qi gong, dance – get that energy moving.
  5. Get out in nature and breathe in the prana.  Once you get your earth circuit connected in the first ceremony you may find you want to be in nature more.  Being in nature and really breathing in that pranic energy helps you tune into the pulse of our mother planet and calms the nervous system.
  6. Listening to the ceremony music.  You can listen to it on Sound Cloud and we also sell some of the cds (ceremony 5 is one of my favorites – Phi Sonic Solar System).  If you get the Sound of Time dvd pack mentioned earlier, it includes a music cd for ceremony 6.
  7. Reminding yourself that what is coming up may not be yours but the collective’s.  We are part of a matrix that has archetypal issues programmed in that we then personalize – the hero, the martyr, the victim, feelings of not being good enough, etc.  This is not who you are, remember and let it go.
  8. If you have only done ceremonies 1 & 2 then breathing the circuits will greatly ease the process.  Directions are here.
  9. Many people have reported that reading past Template newsletters are very helpful as they explain what is happening and you can find them here on the right sidebar of the page under Archives.
  10. There are also a few Template groups on Facebook.  There is a private group for those who have participated in the workshops that your ambassador can add you to.  For those who have done the online videos, we have a more public group here.  This is a place where you can all support each other.  Hearing what other people have gone through can be very reassuring and you can get a variety of ideas from how other people managed the integration.
  11. I also hold Template Gatherings where we do the phi sonic meditation and sacred day ceremony together.  These events are to create community and support each other. They are held in Oakland, Sacramento and Ashland, OR and are often listed on the Events page or you can contact me about them at info@geoometrywave.com.
  12. Repeating ceremonies will also help take the integration deeper.  You can repeat any of the ceremony workshops for a discount price.  I don’t recommend watching the ceremony videos daily but occasionally when things are rough they can be a good anecdote.  Watching the other Template videos frequently can also be really helpful as well.

A reminder regarding the ceremonies:

These ceremonies are sacred contracts that you have entered into with Your SELF and have been embodied electromagnetically, permeating every other aspect of your being. Any actions and behavior that are not aligned with these Earthly and Galactic Human ethics, will be felt more intensely than ever before, because as a result of the reconnection of the circuitry system, you are now more embodied than you ever have been.

It is therefore essential that you align yourself with the integrity of your own truth and that which allows love to take precedence above all other allegiances and agendas. And as the waters clear, you will find that harmony of nature will nurture you, and you will know yourself as that which you always are….love.