Ceremony to Clear & Protect

There’s been some talk about entities at the Template events lately and Juliet created a simple ceremony to clear and protect yourself which I thought would be good to share.  There are many different types of entities and different ways to get one.  Entities can range from benign to annoying to powerfully dark and destructive.  You can pick them up in certain environments or by having tears or holes in your energy field.  These holes are often created by drinking alcohol, doing certain natural or pharmaceutical drugs or getting physically injured.  If there is a hole then something will come in to fill it.

I’ve had limited experience with them myself.

I had a boyfriend many years ago, who as part of his healing offerings, conducted entity clearing and removal for individuals and/or their space. He was considered very good at this and practiced it on himself, me and anywhere we went on a regular basis.  One thing I can assure is that the more you focus on entities, the more they show up!  I noticed them around whenever he was working with a client on the phone about it.  I finally told him I could not be in the apartment when he did this as I was getting affected by it so whenever he was working on that it was hasta la vista baby.

I’ve also experienced them in ayahuasca ceremonies to some extent.  In one ceremony I had a giant beetle thing clamped into my head and experienced trouble breathing as if I couldn’t get enough oxygen.  I thought “Great, I’m going to come out of the brain damaged because I can’t get enough oxygen to my brain, seriously?”  I didn’t panic about it but just observed and I was fine – as far as I know :).  It’s very important to have a good shaman when you do these type of things as they are the protecters of the space.

So if you feel you may have picked something up somewhere or just want to check, below is a simple ceremony you can do just yourself or with someone else.  You will need a mirror for this like your bathroom mirror.  Ideally you want to be able to see your shoulders as well as your face.




**It is best to record yourself saying the ceremony with gaps in between each line giving time for you to repeat it or have a friend take you through and then take your friend through it by reading each line for the other to repeat. State the intention that anything that is released be released to its perfect point in time and space through love and light.


Begin by observing your face in the mirror, breathing deeply, rhythmically and consciously while watching how your face responds to being seen. Stay conscious of your breath.

You will find that at a point observer and the observed merge as the internal authentic Self connects beyond the facade of the face that has been sculpted throughout your life as you learned to protect yourself. Stay conscious of your breath.

As you connect beyond the betrayal and loss and heartbreak, you move beyond the layer of your external identity reference and connect to your Self.

Breathe with yourself…as your Self.


Begin making eye contact…breathe consciously as you do so. Move from one eye to the other until full connection flows and feels comfortable. Stay with your breath as you focus into the 3rd eye area.

Continue a relaxed conscious breath at a comfortable level of intensity as you are now about to begin the spoken code.


SAY the following while focusing into each eye, and then into the 3rd eye.

You will be saying #1 three times – once while focusing in your left eye, then while focusing in your right eye, then again focusing into your 3rd eye.  Then do the same with line #2.


  1. With each breath I connect to the causal ocean of potential that is the constant of life eternal.


  1. With each breath I connect to the elemental alchemy of the natural world as my living creed.


Then say all that follows focusing into the 3rd eye.

With each breath I recalibrate with my Soul’s covenant with light,

the vow between spirit and matter that maintains my sentient sovereignty.

With each breath I liberate my psycho-sensory identity

from all forms of external interference

that attempt to influence my quintessential self

as a fractal aspect of primordial awareness

that has manifested my physical form

as a containment of consciousness birthed in order to calibrate

with the source code of light that maintains my sentient sovereignty.


I renounce, denounce and expel from my field

any interference from all forms of external agendas and energetic influences

that interfere with my covenant with the love and truth

encrypted in every ray of light

and my identity as a sovereign, sensory instrument,

able to give and receive love in all that I do.

I release all energies to their perfect point in time & space through love and light.