Breathing the circuits

Breathing the circuits was designed to ease the integration of Original Innocence, the first ceremony in the Template series.  By the third ceremony – Ceremony of Sacred Breath – we found you didn’t need to breath the circuits anymore as a new way of breathing was programmed in by the ceremony – the breath of immortality.

If you’ve only done ceremonies 1 & 2 then I highly recommend this technique.  It eases the integration of circuitry as waves of intense energy or emotion can flood the system and get really uncomfortable.

The technique is putting the 3 middle fingers of your dominant hand on the circuit point and then focusing 12 regular breaths through that point.  There is a diagram below of the 12 foundation circuits that are connected in the first ceremony, Original Innocence.  In the second ceremony, Ceremony of Synthesis, there is one double terminated circuit so there are 2 circuits points. The test points for the 13th circuit are the occiput, top of the spine/indentation at the base of the skull and the coccyx which is the very tip of the tailbone, see diagrams below.




The following is a meditation that will assist the integration of the acceleration of electromagnetic that occurs as a result of the reconnection of the bio- circuitry.


1) Familiarize yourself with the circuit test points.

2) Place the first three fingers of your right hand on each test point as you perform the following breath meditation.


Become aware of your breath. Honor and acknowledge each breath is a gift that allows you to experience this world of form and matter. Each breath is a bridge to consciousness. Breath deeply and evenly becoming comfortable with the rate and depth of your breath.

Focusing on the sensation of your fingertips touching the test point direct your breath to that point and circulate your breath through it with twelve regular conscious breaths.

Expand your self-awareness to include the knowledge of yourself as an electric being. Know that as you breathe you are integrating life force in synergy with all your visible and invisible energy system. Every level of your being is adjusting to the acceleration of electromagnetic input in unison as all your holographically compatible systems align in perfect symmetry.