New Year, New Format

As the new year came in I was doing a lot of reflection on my ceremony workshops of 2016. Honestly, I fell down some stairs and sprained my foot and ankle in the 3 different places so there I sat and am still sitting.  As many of you know, I took a break from doing ceremonies for most of 2015 and early 2016. I got a bit burnt out running around the country holding ceremony intensives doing 4-5 ceremonies in 2.5-3.5 day formats. The original format of doing 1 ceremony per day kind of went out the window to accommodate people’s busy schedules so they could do all the ceremonies in a long weekend. What I discovered is that much of the information seemed to get lost or worse, misunderstood, as we can only assimilate so much information at a time. The information that goes with these ceremonies is very dense and in the intensives there wasn’t much time for repeating or questioning it.

In 2014 I did a couple of ceremony retreats as well, going back to the 1 ceremony per day format and changing how the day was scheduled so there was an afternoon break and then ceremonies were held at night before going to bed, which is really stunning with the geometry at night. This format worked well as people had time to process the information, either on their own out in nature or in discussions with the other participants and could come back with questions at night. I also really enjoyed watching the bonding among the participants, as you are each other’s support group when the ceremonies are over and most people really appreciate it. Some of the feedback we get is the need for support after the ceremonies so to stay connected with people from your group can be really important.

As I began to hold ceremonies again in 2016, I decided not to go back to the same intensive format and limit the workshops to only 3 ceremonies at a time, which could be done in a weekend format. This definitely worked out much better but was still quite intense so that format is getting slightly adjusted to include a bit more breath work, meditation and time to process the information.   In general I was happy with the new format but then there’s always people pushing for more.

It bemuses me that people feel that they must do 1-6 all at once or they wont’ get much out of it or it’s possibly not worth their time to do less. I realize you don’t know what you don’t know. I’ve been holding ceremonies since March 2000 and I can tell you that doing just one can have a significant impact. But since I will not be traveling around the country holding ceremonies, anyone who wants to do them must now come to the west coast. So, after getting several requests, I decided to test the waters of a regular 5 day/6 ceremony workshop to see how it flowed.

I held it with a small private group at a beautiful residence in L.A. The group was lovely, very present and totally resonant with the information. They were all close family and friends so they could easily discuss the information with each other during and after the ceremony days, which is quite ideal. By the fifth day, I’m not sure anyone was that interested in hearing me talk too much including myself and not everyone’s daily life commitments to family & friends could be put aside. 10-6 for 5 days in a row while immersed in your day to day life is a lot especially when you haven’t had any circuits connected before and much of the information is relatively new or at least a new perspective of it. To do the later ceremonies (7-10+) all together is much more cohesive as you have your foundation circuits integrated and you are familiar and in tune with the type of information presented. Though I really enjoyed the experience, as the group was amazing, I was reminded that the format was a bit lacking and the impact of holding them in a big city.

I love these ceremonies, they are incredibly powerful and beautiful. I’ve never experienced anything like them – and I’ve done a lot! I am not satisfied giving a nice experience when I know what it could be. I love doing retreats and originally designed the retreat format for the optimal experience but I understand that that is not accessible for everyone so I am testing out a new format. I call it the Full Immersion workshop. It is very similar to the retreat schedule where most days we’ll have meditation and talks in a morning session and then come back after dinner for ceremony and meditation.

I’m very excited to present this and my first one will be held May 4-8 in Mount Shasta where the energy will be off the chart and there’s a variety of camping and places to stay for everyone. I will still be holding 3-ceremony weekends but for those who want to do all 6, this is the only way I feel comfortable holding them for an optimal experience. I invite you all to join me in Mount Shasta to plant the seed of the Template ceremonies into the energy vortex of the mountain for the first time.

In Lak’ech,