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Date(s) - 04/22/2017 - 04/23/2017
9:30 am - 6:30 pm


Template Ceremonies 4-6

Oakland hills, CA

April 22-23

Facilitated by Ambassador Margo Brooks 

Embodied in these ceremonies is an initiation designed to transform the human circuitry, as to enable us cellularly and energetically to sustain the embodiment of a new paradigm. Our challenge is to embrace and integrate the new frequencies realizing not only are we mental, physical and emotional beings, we are units of circuitry . . . electromagnetic beings. Each Template ceremony utilizes 3D Sacred Geometry and sonic codes to connect a series of circuitry within the physical body, permanently. The reconnection of circuitry initiates a deprogramming cycle that collapses the mutant matrix within us and resurrects our original Human design.

As units of Human bio-circuitry, we are the culmination of a variety of life-force energy systems. The new frontier of healing lies in the knowledge that these systems are not fully connected. The energetic nature of consciousness that fosters all life is integrated by the Human heart-body-mind via bio-circuitry. The circuitry is the delivery system that integrates this Source Intelligence, translating this energetic electromagnetic life-force into the bio-informational matrix that is the vibratory infrastructure of the Human hologram.

The circuitry does not begin and end around the Human energy field. Each circuit is spherical and intersects with another spherical field of conscious energy, which, in turn, interacts with another, as part of an electromagnetic intelligence system that encompasses all – from the subatomic to the multi-universal, the wheels within wheels. Each sphere of consciousness is a holonomic fractal of Source Intelligence. The Source is everywhere. The more circuitry the Human entity is able to utilize within its computational system, the more Source Intelligence it is able to integrate and synthesize, and the more conscious and enlightened that entity becomes. Enlightenment is not simply a state in which the intellect is in possession of questions and answers – it is a state of being in which the full spectrum of Source Consciousness is integrated, synthesized and crystallized into the incarnate body presence, understood in the mind, felt in the heart and made tangible in the body.The Template is an impeccable system, holonomically resonant with each individual’s point of soul evolution and organically regulated by their capacity for change.

Ceremony 4, Source Ceremony
Ceremony 5, Temple of Time Ceremony
Ceremony 6, Worldbridger Ceremony

* Ceremonies need not be done all at once but must be done in order.


Saturday: 9:30-5:30pm – ceremony 4
Sunday: 9:00-6:00pm – ceremonies 5-6

Space is limited. Reservations Required.

LOCATION:  Directions will be sent after registration is received.

Location: private residence near Redwood Rd & Skyline Blvd, 94619


$295 for all 3 if paid by March 31
$325 at the door

If doing ceremonies separately, $125/ceremony.

$50 deposit saves your spot.
Repeat ceremony: $44 per ceremony

Register below using credit card or Paypal or contact Margo at

All ceremonies must be attended in person.  If you have experienced the first ceremonies through DVD or online, you must repeat it in the group, where your ambassador will explain the implications of the reconnection of your circuits, the shifts and changes you are likely to experience, and to check that they are fully reconnected before you continue with the sequence.


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